Ingredients and Sustainability


For espressOh, being a clean brand implies following two fundamental principles: being transparent and being void of toxic ingredients. Transparency suggests that we are honest with ourselves and with others. We know better than trying to sell to our customers elusive and vague ideas of the business of “clean beauty.” We openly list ingredients for all our products on our e-commerce platform. 'Non-toxic' suggests that we are fully aware of what goes into our products, thus we can guarantee their safety.


Sustainability is a moving target. We realize that there is always room for improvement and we are committed to learn more and do better.  Therefore, this page will be constantly updated as we find more ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Some examples of what we have done so far:

All our products are 100% made in Italy. Because of this, we are able to keep our carbon footprint minimal while also supporting the domestic economy.

In 2020, we achieved our first sustainability goal by eliminating plastic from all of our secondary packaging, including delivery.

As of March 2021, we became a carbon-neutral company by offsetting our CO2 emissions with investments in reforestation in countries including Cambodia, Peru, and Kenya. 

In June 2022 we started working with Bluebird Climate to understand our carbon + waste impact and make improvements.

As of June 2022, our best-selling product ABC Concealer is designed to generate 87% fewer carbon emissions and 84% less waste compared to a typical concealer on the market. We have done this by incorporating compact and lightweight packaging, and have designed the product to be used without an applicator.

Our next major effort into sustainability involves launching our Ohily Refill packs in Fall 2022. This allows users to refill the reusable original glass bottle when necessary rather than purchase an entirely new bottle and contribute to additional environmental waste.